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Disney Wax Melts!!!

So my Etsy shop is up! Already have six Disney inspired soy wax melts: Disney’s Polynesian resort, Adventureland, There’s a Rumbly in My Tumbly, Enchanted Tiki Room, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and Fresh Turkey Leg! All melts are homemade and Eco friendly. New scents are already on the way! Including Dole Whip, Mickey Waffles, Ghost Host, That one Spitting Camel (you know that one asshole camel by the Magic Carpet ride?), Popcorn, Forst Wilderness Campgrounds, Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Main St Bakery, Splash Mountain, Mad as a Hatter!, and A Pirate’sLife for Me! All coming soon! If you have any questions send me a message!

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All candles are based of of my wonderful memories of all things Disney. If you have a memory you’d like to share or have custom made into your own candle or melt, message me.

These are my own fan made products. I am not endorsed by nor do I own any rights to Disney properties or trademarks.





The Supreme Court delivered a blow to universal birth control coverage on Monday, ruling that closely-held corporations can refuse to cover contraception in their health plans for religious reasons. But Justice…

Disappointed in the Supreme Court and their decision on universal birth control coverage. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a stand up human being! 


I wish I were on yonder hill;
'Tis there I'd sit and cry my fill
'Til every tear would turn a mill.
* Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán

I’ll sell my rock, I’ll sell my reel,
I’ll sell my only spinning wheel
And buy my love a sword of steel.
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán

I’ll dye my petticoats; I’ll dye them red
And ‘round the world I’ll beg for bread
Until my parents shall wish me dead.
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán

I wish, I wish, I wish in vain,
I wish I had my heart again
And vainly think I’d not complain.
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán

But now my love has gone to France
To try his fortune to advance.
If he e’er comes back, ‘tis but a chance…
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán
— Siúil a Rún, Trad. Irish.

* Translation: ‘May you go safely, my darling.’

Artwork: Siúil a Rún, by Vassantha.

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